Do you love tea and want to do an internship in Japan with us? You are welcome in Nakaoen! We are looking for interns who can understand everyday conversations in Japanese since most of our staff members cannot speak English. With us, you will get:

- an experience in tea production and business, 

- a deep knowledge about Japanese teas and brewing, 

- a chance to accomplish your personal projects, 

- field trips to other farming areas and cultural highlights, 

- a certificate of accomplished tea or tea trade internship. 

We are open to all kinds of skills. Duties and options can go from helping in the tea shop, posting on our social media, creating events, and any other projects in adequacy with both our company and your goals. For more information about the internship, please send us an email to and let's talk about the details!

For those who can, we recommend to come to Japan and do the internship with the status of "Temporary Visitor" which allows to stay in Japan up to 90 days only with a passport. For those who cannot come with this status, we can submit an application for the Certificate of Eligibility, necessary for you to request the "Cultural activities" Visa (non-profit work or internship). The obtaining of the certificate usually takes between one and three months.